Title: If Only You Had a Friend

Words by: K. Downey, R. Halpenny

Listen: If Only You Had a Friend [live].mp3

Tuggin' at my sleeve
Digging claws in my back
You bite the hand that feeds
And give me nothing back

You'll take what is yours
And you'll take what is mine
Still, I give you my time

Ducking and dodgin'
Your shots everyday
Cause I can't find it in me
To fess up and say

That I'm sick, of
All your old games
And your bullshit's gonna
Drive me insane

How do I say I hate you?
And how do I say let me go?
I don't want to hurt you
but I can't put on this show
Next time you pick up the phone
Don't call me, oh no I won't be at home

You don't fit in
Every word that you say
Can't understand why they
Treat you this way
Ask me to explain
Why good will's misconstrued
It's not their problem, it's you

All lyrics © 2004-2005 by BIG Robots. All rights reserved.