Title: Terminal

Words by: R. Halpenny

Listen: Terminal [live].mp3

I think that you'll find
at the end of the day
when the sun has set
and your face has changed
you'll never be able to understand
all my pain.

And what will remain of the face but a name
and an empty place that i try to explain
but nothing comes, my words they all sound the same

What will you say when they ask of your faith
if you say death it's your soul they will save
I can't tell if it's me or you that's insane

What will you do?
When fate decides
to throw the dice at you

What will you say
I'm sorry honey
I have to go away
I'm really sorry that I cannot stay

You've only got a moment of time left
So don't do anything you will regret

All lyrics © 2004-2005 by BIG Robots. All rights reserved.