Title: Watermelon Song

Words by: L. Hochberg, K. Downey

Listen: Watermelon Song [live].mp3

I would have seeds of black
and flesh of red
My skin is green and cold
I've got no neck, but please don't go

If i was a watermelon
then i'd want to be eaten by you.
you'd come over to with a big big knife
and then cut me into two

Slice me up, eat my flesh.
spit out the seeds and throw out the rest.
thirty minutes later you'd have to pee.
but you see. that red color is me.

spend my life, growing on that vine....
so i could be eaten by you.
("is nothing sacred?)
suffered through, that summer sun......
so i could be eaten by you.

Momma was an open flower
papa was a bumblebee
made some HONEY one summer's day
flew away,
and never met me.

I drank so much water
as the rains poured down
Grew by the pound
Hope you don't think I am too round...

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